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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade

Location: Relubbus, Penzance

We were tasked with investigating an unusual odour emanating from the hot water system.

Upon conducting our investigate, we discovered that the solar coil within the cylinder has developed a split, necessitating the installation of an upgraded cylinder.

Our skilled engineer promptly drained the hot water and solar panels, and proceeded to install a Telford Hurricane 300L solar unvented cylinder.

Additionally, the engineer made necessary modifications to the pipe work and replaced any corroded or leaking fittings.

Finally, the solar system was refilled with glycol, and a comprehensive testing of all functions was conducted to ensure proper functionality upon completion.

Hot Water Cylinder - Before
Hot Water Cylinder - Before
Hot Water Cylinder - During
Hot Water Cylinder - During

Steve and Harry worked like Trojans changing the tank, and did their absolute best. Many thanks for everything so far.